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       Wael Gassar

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  • This talented artist has been called the Miracle Child ever since he was a youngster. When he was only 8 years old, he appeared on TV and sang Yallee Ta’ebney Seneen Feh Hawak. The young singer was able to capture everyone´s attention with his soft and soothing voice. But this was only the beginning; from then on more and more fame kept coming Wael’s way. Now, that the young star knew exactl

      2al Fakerny
  •       Credits
  • Lyricist : Nabil Khalaf
  • Composer : Walid Sa3d
  • Arranger : Osama El Hendi
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  •        Lyrics
  • Arabic Font English Translation My love said he thought he would let me leave him and then come back to me again Its impossible for me to forget the glance of an eyes who took my breath away Without him, I live my life as if it was a lost dream of mine Stay for me.. come back to me again Without me you will always live lonely A smile from you reassures me, and makes me happy in a matter of seconds If you whisper to me, you touch my soul, and you take me away from my sorrows Every word you say to me touches my heart, I don�t know why Stay for me.. come back to me again Without me you will always live lonely
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