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       Ramy Sabry (www.nogomistars.com/ramysabry)

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  • Ramy Sabry was born March 13, 1978 in Cairo. Even before graduating, Ramy Sabry already composed songs for famous Egyptian singers such as Amir Moneeb, Sherine Ahmed, Asala Nasry, Fadl Shaker and many others. In 2005, he met Tarek Al-Rian, Producer at Stargate Company, who hired him and produced his albums. Hard worker and perfectionist, Ramy Sabry composes and writes his own songs by

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      Wagh Karim
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  • English Font Yally Bets2al 3al Asbab El Rez2 Dayman 3al Wahab Wel 3osr Saken ben Yousren Rez2 El Teyour fel Nor Mabdor Wel far7a Bel 3adl We Bel Dor Wel Gana Lay2a 3al Saberen Yaarab Be Ra7metak Beydor El Kon Wel Ser Ben El Kaf Wel Non El Mo3geza Kollaha 7arfen Sa3at Ala2y Fe Ba7ry tare2 We Sa3at 3alaia El Donia Tede2 We Ba7medak Ana Fel 7alteen .. Meen Elly 3aref fen el kher 3omry ma Hatlob Menak gher Akon 3al serat El Mostaqeem El Satr 3andy Howa El Mal 2erzo2ny Bas Be ra7et El Bal 2orzo2ny Nazra Fer Wagh Kareem
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