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       Hussein El Jasmy

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  • Date of birth: 25 August 1979 United Arab of Emirates The Beginning Hussain Al Jassmi, the Emirate artist, started his artistic career after being launched by the TV program Layali Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival in 1997-1998 scoring first in the Gulf world and second in the Arab world. A Childhood Dream Since his childhood, Hussain Al Jassmi only dream was to have his own songs an

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      Al Habeb Al Awili
  •       Credits
  • Lyricist : Sahar
  • Composer : Fahad Al Jasmi
  • Arranger : Waleed Fayed
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  •        Lyrics
  • English Font Ma el 7ob ella lel 7abeeb el awaly el jar7 men eydah yeteeb we yanjaly Law ra7 3ani w ghab w sad w gesaa Law 3esht 3omry balah fe hal 7ayat yakfeeni men 7abah ghalah wel thekrayat Law ra7 3ani w ghab w sad w gesaa Ba7r el hawa ya same3een malah dowaa Ma yarwey galb el 3ashegeen mahma rawaa Arabic Font ما الحب الا للحبيب الأولي الجرح من ايده يطيب و ينجلي لو راح عني و غاب و صد و قسى لو عشت عمري بلاه في هالحياة يكفيني من حبه غلاه و الذكريات لو راح عني و غاب و صد و قسى بحر الهوى يا سامعيــن ماله دوا ما يروي قلب العاشقين مهما روى
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