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       Marwan Khoury

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  • Marwan Khoury is a Lebanese artist. A singer, writer, composer, arranger and producer. His work has been nationally, regionally and internationally performed and adapted by various famous artists. In 1986, he enrolled at the Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK) in Lebanon where he studied Piano, Musicology and Music History. During his studying years in USEK, Marwan acclaimed many prizes incl

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  • Download songs from 3add Aksi
    Year: (2014)
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 15
    Videos: 0
    No Sample
  • Download songs from Raj3in
    Year: (2010)
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 10
    Videos: 0
    No Sample
  • Download songs from Ana Wel Leil
    Year: (2008)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 12
    Videos: 0
  • Download songs from Aser El Shog
    Year: (2005)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 10
    Videos: 1
  • Download songs from Kel El Kasayed
    Year: (2004)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 2
  • Download songs from Khayal El Omr
    Year: (2002)
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 6
    Videos: 1
  • Download songs from Collection
    Year: Unknown
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 11
    Videos: 3
    No Sample

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  • Arabic font بكرة ما باعرف شو اللى ناطرنى وانت شو جاى تقول و تخبرنى إنه البلد مرتاح بعده القمر ما راح قاعد ع تلة فوق ديارنا الحلوين خلف الضحك وهمومنا المن...

    Mesh Khayef 3a Lebnan

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