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       Marwan Khoury

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  • Marwan Khoury is a Lebanese artist. A singer, writer, composer, arranger and producer. His work has been nationally, regionally and internationally performed and adapted by various famous artists. In 1986, he enrolled at the Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK) in Lebanon where he studied Piano, Musicology and Music History. During his studying years in USEK, Marwan acclaimed many prizes incl

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  • Download songs from 3add Aksi
    Year: (2014)
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 15
    Videos: 0
    No Sample
  • Download songs from Raj3in
    Year: (2010)
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 10
    Videos: 0
    No Sample
  • Download songs from Ana Wel Leil
    Year: (2008)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 12
    Videos: 0
  • Download songs from Aser El Shog
    Year: (2005)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 10
    Videos: 1
  • Download songs from Kel El Kasayed
    Year: (2004)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 2
  • Download songs from Khayal El Omr
    Year: (2002)
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 6
    Videos: 1
  • Download songs from Collection
    Year: Unknown
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 11
    Videos: 3
    No Sample

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  • English Font & Translation Law fiyyi... rajje3 bi 2idi el wa2t lanno shwayyi If I could go back in time with a touch of hand even for a glance Nafs el makan w nafs hal ghenniyyi Back to the same place, to the same song W enti w ana kenna bi awwal yawm When you and I were in our first day Meshta2a... kanet 3inayki w kelha 7enniyyi Your eyes were passionate and full of tenderness Tod7ak eli wel 3omr yorkod layyi They smiled at me and life would run into me W b3eed kan b3eed yawma el lawm And blaming was far away that day Wayn ra7ou... laftatik el melyani 7ob w gheeri Where are your gazes full of love and jealousy Shou el ghayyarik wel kabbarik ya zgheeri What changed you and made you grow up, my little Shou l’3allamik 3al bo3d wel a7zan What taught distance and sadness Ma rta7ou... 3youni ana men yawm sorti b...

    Law Fiye
    By : marwan khoury

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