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  • Download songs from 3 Kelmat
    Year: (2010)
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 10
    Videos: 0
    No Sample
  • Download songs from 3ayesh Hayato
    Year: (2009)
    Producer: (Sout El De)
    Songs: 12
    Videos: 2
    No Sample
  • Download songs from Ya Khsartak Fel Layaly
    Year: (2008)
    Producer: (Pyramedia)
    Songs: 10
    Videos: 3
    No Sample
  • Download songs from Collection
    Year: Unknown
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 4
    Videos: 0
    No Sample

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  • Arabic Font بحبك بس مش جدا عشان قلبى تعب جدا عشان حبك فى يوم جدا وشاف منك كتير جدا خلاص حبى القوى ماضى خلاص مبقتش تستاهلو وقلبى اللى ادى على الفاضى عقل وهيدى على مهلو خلاص حبى اللى كان جدا غلط وكتير عليك جدا هتبعد مش هتوحشنى هتيجى مش هقول اهلا ويوم ما هتمشى مش هحزن ومش هندم عليك ابدا English Translation I love you but not only Because my heart got tired a lot Because it loved you a lot before And seen so much from you Thats it, my previous love is in the past Thats it, you dont deserve it And my heart that suits me helplessly Went steady and quiet on its own Thats it, my love that wa...

    Bahebak W Bs

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