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       Amr Mostafa

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  • Amr Mostafa is an Egyptian artist and composer who is considered as a music genius due to his multiple talents. His songs are known through the sounds of the guitar which he considers as a great companion. Amr started writing his first poems when he was at school. At college, he chose to join the school of Aeronautics in Cairo where he spent two years, but he switched to the law co

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    6/10/2010 6:47:53 AM

    After popularity gained by the successful track "Gao Tani" and the full album with the same title - whose all songs arranged by Hamid El Shaeri, the singer Eslam returns after 3 years with a new album entitled "Bahlam Maak".

    Eslam says: 3 years are not that long compared to the effort made in ...


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  • Arabic Font اتمنى واحلم ليه ماخلاص كل اللى عايزه لقيته معاك لو عشت عمرى بقول بهواك كلمه توصف ده الاحساس اتمنى واحلم ليه ماخلاص كل اللى عايزه لقيته معاك ل&...

    Yeshhad 3alaya
    By : Khaled Tag El Deen

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