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       ZeeZee Adel (www.nogomistars.com/zeezee)

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  • Zeezee Adel is an Egyptian singer that rose to fame when she entered the famous Middle Eastern competition Star Academy during its second season. Soon after her elimination she sign a contract with Rotana, the biggest music production company in the Arab World, that included three albums and each having at least three music videos shot and the ability to release singles anytime she would like, as

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  • Download songs from Wa3d 3alya
    Year: (2009)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 1
  • Download songs from Wahda Tayeba
    Year: (2007)
    Producer: (Rotana)
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 2
  • Download songs from Collection
    Year: Unknown
    Producer: Unknown
    Songs: 8
    Videos: 1
    No Sample

     Total Fans: 144
     Superfan: 1


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  • English Font e7sasy beek 5alany a2ol ana me7taga lk..we koly lek we mrta7a lk nefsy a3esh ayam 7ayaty we 3omry beek e7sasy beek 5alany a3esh agml layaly..we en el 3omr 3Žaly we mahma kan 3omry maye3Žlash 3aleek e7sasy beek 7d 2lby leek ya 7abibi lw msh 7abibi 7a2ol le men ya 7abibi eih ya 7abibi eih manta 3arf ad eih..ana 3awyza ashofk tany lih kol elly kan we 7elmt bnih la2eto feek wana ben 2edeek eih ya 7abibi eih mnta 3arf ad eih btmna shofk ad eih kol elly kan we 7elmt bnih la2eto feek wana ben 2edeek mn yom lo2ak wana 7asa beek dymn ma3aya..we mahma a2olk msh kefaya nefsy awl fer7a leya teb2a beek mn yom lo2ak wna nefsy a2olk alf 7aga..nefsy akonlk kol 7aga we a3sh ma3ak we ashof 7a2e2t ro7y feek
    Arabic Font احساسى بيك خل...

    Ehsasi Beek
    By : Magdy El Naggar

  • zizi adel zeze adel zizi 3adel