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       Saber El Robaey

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  • The Tunisian singer Saber el Rubai has a very nice voice. He is very elegant, sensitive and honest with himself and with his audience. He was born on the 12th of March in Tunisia. He started singing when he was twelve years old, encouraged by his family for his father played the Oud and his brother was a singer. Besides singing, Saber plays the Oud and the violin. He started the singing as his

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  • Saber is done shooting “Ed Habaybak”
    12/6/2011 9:36:30 PM

    Saber Al Riba3i is done shooting his new video clip “Ed Habaybak” with director Fady Haddad. The shooting process recommended three full days of work in more than five locations in Lebanon including Hazmieh, Kaslik and Jounieh. Finally, Saber´s manager Ali Al Mawla and Rotana Production ...


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  • English Font Wana bein Edeik toht fi Makani Wi neseet ma3ak 3omry wi zamaany wel wa2t faat wayaak thawani arrabny leek sebny a3eesh e7sasi beek Bat7adda El 3aalam kollo wana wayaak wi ba2ool lel denia b7alha en ana bahwak wi en enta 7abibi wi alby wi ro7y ma3ak arrabny leek sebny a3eesh e7sas hawak ana 3esh2y leek 3esh2 el amar lel negma wel leil wel sahar wel shoo2 eleik foo2 el khayal foo2 e7temal kol el bashar min yoom lo2ak 7elwa el 7ayaah at7adda beek kol el wogood wayak akoon aw la akoon ana mish ha3eesh min 3eer hawak ana alby 3ashe2 lel gonoon min yoom lo2ak 7elwa el 7ayaah
    Arabic Font وانا بين ايديك تهت ف مكاني ونسيت...

    Athadda Al Alam

  • saber el reba3i saber al reba3i saber el roba3i saber al roba3i