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       Wael Kfoury

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  • 1. Name: Michael Email Kfoury 2. Assumed Name: Wael Kfoury 3. Date and place of birth: Housh Al Umara – 14/9/1974 4. Nationality: Lebanese 5. Family Status: Single 6. Qualifications: Music study – Rouh Al Quds University in 1993 7. Songs: The first one “ma waatuk bi Nujoom Allail” and the first album “Shafouha wa saroo yoqoolo”. Then followed: “Haflat fuquarah”, “ Meit

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  • Wael Kfoury new Videoclip soon
    11/8/2012 9:31:46 PM

    The Lebanese super star Wael Kfoury has started shooting the video clip for his song “Ya dalli w ya rou7i”, which is directed by Said Al Marouk. The song is written by Mounir Abou Assaf, composed and arranged by Bilal El Zein.


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