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       Khaled Selim (

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  • Birth He was born in Kuwait on the 6th of November. He have 2 older brothers and one younger sister. He lived in Kuwait till He finished High School, but we used to spend the summer holidays in Egypt. Early Henterest in Music Since He was a little kid, He used to listen to many types of music as his parents are music lovers. He was attracted to each and every type of music: Egyptian oldies, (lik

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       Collection (2006)
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  • English Font Shahr w esbo3een w talat teyam ya 7abeeby bet3asy el ayam w ana bastana ashoofak youm Shahr w esbo3een w talat teyam ya 7abeeby 2oly ezay betnam w 3youny ma te3rafsh el noom Ta3ala le shoof 7aly eah , walla neseetny walla eah ? .. da ana 2alby sa3ban 3aleeh , kol da menak yegraly Tawelt leeh fe el 3Žeyab , ayamy ba3dak 3azab Ensa el malam w el 3azab , w ta3ala nerga3 ya 3Žaly W ta3ala n3eesh sawa , ana w enta fare2na el hawa , men emta ? shahr w esbo3een , ya 7abeeby , w talat teyam.... Tool el wa2t dah w ana batmanak , w 3enaya .. b te7lam b lo2ak w astana m3adak .. matgeesh . Tool el wa2t dah ana kont bamoot ,w elayam mesh 3ayza t foot w el ashwa2 ma bter7amnessh ..
    Arabic Font شهرين واسبوع...

    47 Youm
    By : Aziz El Shafe3i

  • khaled selem khaled seleem khaled sleim kaled sleem