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  • Umm Kulthum was born in a small rural village to a poor family. Her father,al-Shaykh Ibrahim al-Sayyid al-Baltaji (d. 1932), was the imam of the local mosque, and her mother, Fatmah al-Maliji (d. 1947), was a housewife. Her date of birth is not known for certain,but the most reliable suggestion is May 4, 1904, given on a page from the Daqahliyah provincial birth records for Tammay al-Zahayrah.

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  • English Font & Translation Your eyes took me back To my days that are gone They taught me to regret the past and its wounds. RagaaŽouni aŽeinaik el Ayam illi rahou AŽalamouni andam aŽala El-Madhi wi gerahou Whatever I saw Before my eyes saw you was a wasted life. How could they consider that part of my life? Illi shouftouh kabli ma tshoufak aŽinaih Omri dhayeaŽ yehsibouh izay aŽalaya? You are my life that starts its dawn with your light. Inta Omri illi ibtada bŽnourak sabahouh How much of my life before you was lost It is a wasted past, my love. Ad eyh min omri kablak ray w aŽada Ya habibi ad eyh min omri raah My heart never saw happiness before you My heart never saw anything in life other than the taste of pain and suffering. wala shaf elkalb kab...

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