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       Angham (www.nogomistars.com/angham)

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  • A Youth Egyptian songstress whom practiced singing as profession when she was at sixteen, thanks to encouragement of her father, well-known melodist "Mohamed Ali soliman" and her uncle the departed singer "Emad Abd Al-Halim". She achieved significant success in her first song "At the far calm corner", a success that push her to advanced position between 1980s singer women. Then, her success

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       Ela Ana (1993)
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  • Arabic font على الاقل مابقتش بحزن إن هو ماكانش ليا أنا بس باندم عشان زمان مقدرتش افهم إن عمرة ماحس بيا دخل عليا بكل حاجة بحبها صدقتة وارتحت لهواة كان غصب ...

    Delwa2ty A7san
    By : Essam Hosny

  • angam

  • Amr Te3eema (Lyricist)
    Bahaa El Din Mohamed (Lyricist)
    Khaled Ezz (Composer)
    Fahd (Arranger)
    Hassan El Shaf3i (Arranger)
    Yehia El Moogy (Arranger)
    Tarek Madkour (Arranger)