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  • Fairuz, was born as Nouhad Haddad, in the district of Zhak el Blat in Beirut. The eldest of a modest Maronite family , she early develops a true passion for music. As her parents are too poor to afford a radio, the young Nouhad spends most of her time listening to it at the doors of her neighbours. She memorises songs rapidly and sings some of them at school celebrations. And at one of these even

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  • English Translation Time was when a shop stood drowned in shade when we girls and boys came to play by water. And drunken John sat on and on behind the shop. He sang and the neighbors´ girl grew sad don´t you forget me don´t you forget me and remember drunken John. We roamed the neighborhood with the birds we flew toward the shop with piles of roses and drunken John kept busy drawing on the walls the picture of the neighbors´ girl. The neighbors´ daughter is pretty She eloped on the night of a feast The shop came down and a new house went up in its place and still on the walls of oblivion drunken John draws the picture of the neighbors´ daughter....

    Kan El Zaman

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