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       Carol Samaha

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  • Born in Lebanon, Carole Samaha grew up with her parents and two brothers having only one dream, since childhood, to be on stage under the spotlights. From a very early age, she was fascinated by music and captured by theater. Her talent was very obvious and inevitable.After graduating from school, Carole decided to study drama, It was at St Joseph University of Beirut where she took her master deg

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       Ehsas (2013)
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  • Arabic font علي يابني عمي يالي بتجري فدمي طيرت نوم بعيني تتحن علي فيوم ياعلي طب ياعلي ياحبيب قلبي خليك على طول جنبي مش بينا غرام وحنين ولا انت كبرت علي ي&#...

    By : Abdel Aziz Ammar , Salim Assaf