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  • Shereen Abdel Wahab, also credited as Shereen Ahmed. Born on October 10 in Cairo, Egypt Shereen grew up in a small neighborhood called El Kaleafa, Cairo. Upon graduating with a degree in music, she started her musical career. Shereen’s success begain with the hits song “Ah ya lil”. Her subsequent title “Sabri Alil” and its video emphasized her talent and made her a special-styled Arab artist

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       Es2al 3alaya (2012)
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  • Arabic Font انا مش هفضل كده علي طول مش هستني العمر يعدي انا مش هسكت لازم اقول قد ما هاخد قد ما هدي انا دلوقتي براجع نفسي قبل ما الايام تفوف وعشان حاجات تعي...

    Barage3 Nafsi
    By : Amir Te3eima

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