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       Saber El Robaey

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  • The Tunisian singer Saber el Rubai has a very nice voice. He is very elegant, sensitive and honest with himself and with his audience. He was born on the 12th of March in Tunisia. He started singing when he was twelve years old, encouraged by his family for his father played the Oud and his brother was a singer. Besides singing, Saber plays the Oud and the violin. He started the singing as his

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       Latest Uploaded: Wa7eshni Gedan (2009)
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     Total Fans: 469
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  • English Font Wallah matistahil Hozn albi alik Wallah matistahil Anni afakir fik Wa adirt tansi Wa alaya taksi Hatta azabi Adirt alih Ibid wa insani Wa latarja theni Waleh hachtkollik theni fi omri Waleh achtek li aynik Wa adirt tansi Wa alaya taksi Hatta azabi Adirt alih Chiltik min beli Witghaier hali Wa in fikra fi youm tirjali Aollak albi nassik AWa adirti tansi Wa alaya taksi Hata azebi Adirt alih ...

    Wallah Ma Testahel

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