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       Abd El Mageed Abd Allah

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  • ∑ Name: Abdulmajeed Abdullah Mutahar ∑ Assumed name: Abdulmajeed Abdullah ∑ Date of birth: 1963 ∑ Family status: Married & father of three children, two boys: Abdullah & Mohammed & one girl: Manar Born in Al-ĎAridah, which is a village in Jizan Region. Then he moved with his family, first to Jizan city, then to Gunfuza city. Finally all the family, with the exception of hi

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       El Hob El Jedid (2005)
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  • Arabic Font انت منت انسان أكثر قلبي مو من قلبك أصغر ومثل ما تشعر تأكد اني أشعر فيني منك فيك مني غصب عنك غصب عني التقينا واللقا قسمه مقدر لا فعل الزيف ولا فع&...

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