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       Abd El Mageed Abd Allah

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  • ∑ Name: Abdulmajeed Abdullah Mutahar ∑ Assumed name: Abdulmajeed Abdullah ∑ Date of birth: 1963 ∑ Family status: Married & father of three children, two boys: Abdullah & Mohammed & one girl: Manar Born in Al-ĎAridah, which is a village in Jizan Region. Then he moved with his family, first to Jizan city, then to Gunfuza city. Finally all the family, with the exception of hi

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       El Hob El Jedid (2005)
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  • Arabic Font والله فاضي جاي تحكي لي همومك و انت تحسبني أنا من الهم فاضي بس تدري شلون أنا ما راح ألومك ما حدٍ في عيشته يا عمري راضي خلني في يومي أعيش وعيش يوم&...

    Wallah Fathy

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